What Awaits You in Dragon Master :


  • 🐲 Mythical Dragons: Collect and trade rare and powerful dragon-themed NFTs.
  • 🎮 Engaging Gameplay: Dive into thrilling online battles and prove your mastery in Dragon Master: Battle Cards.


  • 🔒 Staking Opportunities: Stake your DRM tokens to earn rewards and unlock exclusive content.
  • 🌐 Vibrant Community: Join a passionate community of dragon enthusiasts, gamers, and crypto aficionados.
  • 🌌 Dragon Master Metaverse: Explore a fascinating metaverse where you can interact with other players, participate in events, and discover new adventures.
  • 🚀 Project Updates: Stay tuned for the latest developments, exciting events, and exclusive giveaways.

Why Buy Dragon Coin?

  • Access to the Dragon Master Ecosystem: Use DRGN for in-game rewards, staking, and exclusive features within the Dragon Master universe.
  • Staking Rewards: Earn rewards by staking your DRGN and participating in network security and governance.
  • Governance: Have a say in the future of Dragon Master by participating in governance votes and decisions.

At Dragon master, we believe in the power of community. Join a network of innovators, gamers, and enthusiasts shaping the future of blockchain and gaming. Here’s why being a part of our community is a game-changer:

🌐 Access Exclusive Benefits: As a community member, unlock exclusive benefits. From early access to new features to limited edition NFT drops, your journey with us comes with perks that set you apart.

🚀 Shape the Future: Your voice matters. Participate in community-driven decisions, polls, and discussions. Help shape the roadmap of Blockforts as we evolve together.

🔥 Community Challenges and Rewards: Embark on collective challenges that test your skills and wit. The more you engage, the greater the rewards. It’s not just a community; it’s a dynamic ecosystem where your efforts are celebrated.

👩‍🚀 Early Beta Access: Be the first to experience new features and releases. As a community member, enjoy exclusive access to beta versions, giving you a sneak peek into the exciting future of Blockforts.

💬 Interactive Forums and Events: Connect with like-minded individuals in our forums. Discuss strategies, share experiences, and be part of live events. The interaction doesn’t stop — it’s a constant flow of ideas and camaraderie.

🌟 Join Now and Level Up Your Experience: Become a part of the Dragon master community today. Elevate your experience, be at the forefront of innovation, and let’s build the future of decentralized gaming together.


The Financial Infrastructure

  • 20% Airdrop

  • 10,000,000


  • 10% Team & Development

    Allocate coins to team members based on their roles, responsibilities, and contributions to the project. Implement a vesting schedule to incentivize long-term commitment and align team interests with project success. Use a portion of the allocation for hiring additional talent or rewarding exceptional performance.

  • 5,000,000


  • 5% Strategic Partners & Advisors

    Identify reputable partners and advisors who bring expertise, connections, and resources to the project. Allocate coins to partners for collaboration, integration, and marketing initiatives that drive adoption and growth. Establish clear terms and expectations for partnerships and ensure alignment with the project's goals and values.

  • 2,500,000


  • 10% Exchange Listing & Liquidify

    Reserve coins to cover listing fees on major cryptocurrency exchanges to increase accessibility and liquidity. Prioritize exchanges with high trading volumes and strong reputations to maximize exposure and trading opportunities. Allocate additional coins for market-making activities to maintain liquidity and minimize price volatility.

  • 5,000,000


  • 25% Staking, game Rewards

    Staking :Design a staking mechanism that incentivizes token holders to lock up their coins and participate in securing the network. Offer competitive staking rewards to attract and retain long-term stakeholders. Implement governance features that give stakers a voice in decision-making processes, such as voting on protocol upgrades or allocation of community funds. Game Rewards : Allocate coins for in-game rewards to incentivize gameplay, engagement, and contribution to the gaming ecosystem.

  • 12,500,000


  • 15% Company Reserves

    Maintain a reserve of coins to support ongoing operations, development, and growth initiatives. Use reserves to cover operating expenses, hire additional team members, and invest in infrastructure and technology upgrades. Maintain transparency and accountability in the use of reserves through regular reporting and community updates.

  • 7,500,000


  • 15% Marketing

    Allocate coins for marketing campaigns, partnerships, and community outreach activities to raise awareness and attract users. Invest in targeted advertising, influencer collaborations, and content creation to reach key audiences and drive adoption.

  • 7,500,000


The Financial Infrastructure The Financial Infrastructure

Stake To Earn Rewards

A Gamified Marketplace Dedicated To The Metaverse And Gaming Assets. The Metaverse Marketplace Allows Users To Trade, Auction, And Rent Virtual Ownership Assets From Various Metaverse And Gaming Projects.

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